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Financial Accountability
Financial Resources come from several Federal, State and County governmental agencies, corporations, small businesses, foundations and private contributions. They all blend together and result in a budget of nearly $16 million to enable the agency to achieve its mission. Although Alternatives has grown tremendously through the years, its commitment to fiscal responsibility has remained unchanged.

The Agency maintains an automated Accounting System to track all revenues and expenses by program, which enables the Agency to comply with the reporting requirements from all its funding sources as well as all required government reporting. Supervisory and Management staff as well as the Board of Trustees monitors the Agency’s expenses vs. budget on a monthly basis. In addition, the Agency goes through an extensive audit of its financial statements every year, which is performed by Independent Auditors.

If you would like a copy of the Agency’s latest informational tax return (IRS Form 990), please contact us at:

Anita Feiner
600 First Avenue
Raritan, NJ 08869
(908) 685-1444 Ext. 226

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