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Employment and Transition
Bridges to Employment , a subsidiary of Alternatives, Inc. helps people with a broad spectrum of skills and abilities find successful employment. The program provides pre-employment evaluation, preparation and job matching services. After a job match is made, Alternatives’ Career Facilitators provide ongoing support to both the client and the employer to ensure success and satisfaction. The program also offers education to employers to increase their understanding of hiring people with disabilities. In 2009, Alternatives began providing services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community in six counties of New Jersey. The services are offered through the Career Development Center located in Raritan New Jersey.

Alternatives also provides transition services for high school students through Bridges to Employment . This service provides students and their parents with information and guidance when making the transition from high school to adult life. Transition services offer a variety of options to meet the individualized needs of the school and its students. Classes on how to get and keep a job are offered for small groups. Bridges Transition Services are also available to conduct assessments that help to determine the vocational needs of the student. Once those needs are determined, the Bridges team can provide one-on-one career exploration, structured learning experiences, job placement, job coaching and job training.

For examples on the types of jobs and a listing of some of the current employers who have hired our Clients, we encourage you to visit the Bridges to Employment website.

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