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Homeless Individuals and Families
Alternatives provides Transitional and Permanent Housing to individuals who were previously homeless. Some of these clients may also have a mental health diagnosis but they all have demonstrated an inability to maintain housing over a long period of time.

Supportive housing is a very high priority for Alternatives, largely because affordable housing is at such a premium in the state. Without supportive housing and the help provided by staff, clients would often find it financially impossible to move into an apartment and live in hotels. These people often face frequent eviction and ultimately find themselves back on the streets having a great impact on the community.

Alternatives addresses chronic homelessness from a total perspective rather than piecemeal. We provide housing, support services and employment training in a way that makes sense for each client that we serve.

Program Descriptions

Transitional Housing - This program provides comprehensive residential services and supportive assistance to homeless individuals. Staff are available during day and evening to provide a variety of supportive activities. By assuming the responsibility of coordinating services under one roof, this program is able to address the needs of the total person and provide skill training that will carry through into independent living. The program concentrates on housing, enhancing mental health, daily living skills, career training, transportation and fostering community supports and linkages to ensure permanent stability.

Franklin House is a transitional residential program serving homeless single mothers and their children. The program serves the entire family and is staffed 24 hours a day. The goal of the program is to foster effective parenting, healthy child development and family unity while preparing the family to transition into permanent housing. Comprehensive support services include parenting and nutritional workshops, financial planning, welfare-to-work assistance, supportive counseling, transportation and housing location assistance.

Permanent Supportive Housing - This program provides housing to individuals who are homeless and have a mental illness that is that is both permanent and affordable. Through trained support specialists, we also provide flexible services based on the needs of the client. Services may include case management, training in daily living skills, employment training, transportation, recreation and supportive counseling. Clients may choose the services that they require. Housing is not based on the acceptance of these services.

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