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Mental Health Consumers
Mental Health Services are offered through the Community Outreach Services (COS) Department. This program provides permanent and transitional housing with supportive services for people with singular or co-occurring mental health diagnoses and individuals and families who are homeless. Programs include Transitional Housing and Permanent Housing, residential programs that provides services and supportive assistance to homeless individuals and families who may or may not have a mental illness.

Many graduates of Transitional or Permanent Housing then move onto the Community Support Program. The overall purpose of this aspect of the agency is to assist the client in gaining the necessary skills to secure or sustain independent housing, as well as recover from mental health issues. Alternatives’ staff provides support including case management, advocacy, and assistance with daily living skills, clinical support and linkages to community resources. Affordable Housing, Employment Services and Recreation are also available through Alternatives.

Program Descriptions

Transitional Housing - This program provides comprehensive residential services and supportive assistance to homeless individuals. Staff is available during day and evening to provide a variety of supportive activities. By assuming the responsibility of coordinating services under one roof, this program is able to address the needs of the total person and provide skill training that will carry through into independent living. The program concentrates on housing, enhancing mental health, daily living skills, career training, transportation and fostering community supports and linkages to ensure permanent stability.

Permanent Supportive Housing - This program provides permanent and affordable housing to people who are homeless and have a mental illness. Through trained support specialists, we also provide flexible services based on the needs of the individual. Services may include case management, training in daily living skills, employment training, transportation, recreation and supportive counseling. Clients may choose the services that they require. Housing is not based on the acceptance of these services.

Community Support Program - The goal of the Alternatives Community Support Program is to provide case management support and clinical services to people living independently in the community. Staff assists clients in maintaining their housing as well as to provide linkage to community resources and programs that have a direct impact on preventing crisis and hospitalization. Staff members also provide ongoing case management services to ensure success and maintenance of permanent housing to break the cycle of homelessness that is prevalent among this population. Services include assistance with daily living skills, financial planning, medication monitoring, supportive counseling, career planning, transportation and recreation.

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