Behavior Support Services

Behavior Specialists support clients by applying the principles of human behavior which are based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). All staff is trained in Positive Behavior Supports (PBS), giving the staff additional tools to effectively serve and communicate with Alternatives' clients. Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based practice that has been proved successful when specifically applied for the ID/DD and Autism populations.

Behavior Specialists, under supervision of a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), work to identify the function of a client’s behavior and to then develop guidelines and/or a comprehensive individualized Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to meet the client’s goals and objectives.


Our Behavior Specialists work closely with clients, their families, program staff, and other health care providers to assess and identify socially significant behaviors in need of strengthening (i.e. social skills, adaptive skills) or requiring reduction. Supports are flexible and employ behavior interventions such as differential reinforcement and environmental modifications; as well as teaching strategies such as imitation training, chaining, and shaping of new behaviors.

Behavior Specialists will also teach functional communication skills in order to replace problem behaviors. Group home staff are trained by skilled Behavior Specialists to generalize new skills to the home and community settings.

Behavior Support Services are designed with input from the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT), with the client as the key participant, when possible, to ensure the best possible outcome. 


Program Highlights

  •  Services are designed to maximize an individual’s potential and are driven by the individual’s plan

  • Client feedback is an integral part of behavior plan development

  • Client’s behavioral data is graphed allowing an objective and measurable means to monitor and evaluate progress

  • Behavior specialists receive ongoing continuing education and training

“Thank you Alternatives! You’ve helped my son see that he does have choices.” – Meryl