Mental Health Services

Alternatives, Inc. offers Community Support Services for adults with mental health needs in Somerset  County.  Community Support Services are provided by a team of Licensed Clinicians and Case Management staff who utilize a person-centered approach  to help all clients work on their own personal journey towards recovery. Staff work with each client on developing and actively working on individual goals, in order to enhance life skills and independence within their community. Services are flexible and can be enhanced as needed or requested.

Housing options are also available within the Community Support Services program. These are affordable, shared living opportunities throughout Somerset County. Clients may also receive Community Support Services without living in this housing.

Alternatives is licensed, accredited and an approved Medicaid provider. 

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“I came to Alternatives homeless and helpless. They arranged for me to get permanent housing and get my life back together again.”  -Roy

Alternatives Stands Apart from Other Providers

  • This department has been providing community mental health services since 1984.

  • Community Support Services are managed by an interdisciplinary team including Licensed Clinicians.

  • Staff meet with the clients in the community, including their homes, which provides a holistic approach to servicing this population.

  • Services are flexible and are enhanced as needed if a client is in need of increased assistance.

  • Services include: clinical counseling, psycho-education, assistance with skill building, money management, linkage to community resources, medical and mental health providers, etc.

  • Staff receive continuing education and training in the field of mental health and addiction services.

  • Clinical/Manager level professionals are on-call 24/7 with a second tier of Director level professionals ready to assist individuals.