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Our Wish List

Our clients are in need of the following items in our housing programs.  If you can donate please contact Anita Feiner at (908) 685-144 ext. 226 or afeiner@alternativesinc.org.


Cleaning Products

o Anti-Bacterial Spray cleaner

– with and without bleach (Lysol, Clorox, 409)

o Windex o Soft Scrub o Pledge

o Disinfecting Wipes

o Pine Sol

o Mops

o Swiffer Wet Jet & Refills / Pads

o Utility Bucket

o Toilet brush

o Sponges

o Handheld Scrubbers

o Gloves

o Air Freshener

Furnishings - Bathroom

o Shower Curtains

o Bathroom Rugs

o Non-slip bath mat

o Toothbrush Holder

o Soap Dispenser

o Towels / Washcloths

Furnishings – Kitchen

o Pots & Pans

o Utensils

o Plates / Bowls

o Glasses

o Dish Rack

Furnishings – Bedroom (no used items, please)

o Sheet Set / Pillow Cases (Twin, Full, Queen size)

o Blankets / Comforters

o Pillows

Furnishings – Living Room

o Area Rugs o Curtains & Curtain Rods

o Decorative Pictures / Artwork / Mirrors

o Throw Pillows

o Tablecloth o Lamps

Furnishings – Misc

o Vacuums / Dust Busters

o Storage Bins

o Garbage Cans

o Garbage Bags