Support Coordination 

Alternatives, Inc. is approved to provide Support Coordination services in Morris, Sussex and Union Counties. Support Coordinators use the person-centered planning process to assist individuals in developing and implementing their Individualized Service Plans. Individuals and their families are provided with information to make thoughtful decisions about the supports and services they need. Self-direction and individual choice are key aspects of this service.

Support Coordination is provided to individuals who are eligible for services through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). Our Support Coordinators use person-centered planning to assist individuals and their families to develop and implement Individualized Service Plans. We provide information that enables thoughtful choices about the supports and services that are accessible through a personalized budget.

“I am very happy that my daughter is part of Alternatives. They made sure that she has the appropriate plan to meet her needs.” - Carol

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Alternatives has been providing services to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities since 1979, when people were first moving from institutional living to the community. 

  • Person-centered planning is a pillar of the agency’s philosophy. 

  • Alternatives was approved as a Support Coordination provider in 2013, when New Jersey was preparing for the transition to fee-for-service and began the expansion of Support Coordination Services.

  • Alternatives has been authorized to approve its own plans, as of March 2015, and with extensive automation at every level of the agency, Alternatives is able to expedite the delivery of services. 

  • Our Support Coordination Department has more than 30 years of combined experience, including firsthand experience in the services aspect of the field; and our staff training exceeds state requirements. 


  • By limiting our Support Coordination services to only two counties, Alternatives has been able to build a strong rapport with community providers and resources within Union and Morris counties. 

  • Our responsive Support Coordinators offer flexible schedules to meet your busy lifestyle. Alternatives offers a 24/7 on-call system with a second tier of highly experienced staff ready to assist with the most challenging matters. 

  • To ensure objectivity and completion, Alternatives has implemented a two-tiered system, where two supervisors review the Individual Service Plan (ISP) prior to approval, as well as a review of all Monthly Monitoring. 

  • We conduct internal quarterly Self Audits to ensure that we follow through on commitments to clients, families, and guardians. 

  • Alternatives’ Quality Assurance and Corporate Compliance Department measures client satisfaction annually, and we work to improve the delivery of Support Coordination services as a result.

  • Alternatives has been an active participant in the development and maintenance of Support Coordination in New Jersey, by: 

    • Being invited to participate in the development of the Support Coordination Orientation Manual 

    • Being involved in the Support Coordination Leadership Meetings within the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) since its inception

    • Having a member of our Senior Staff as the Chair of the Support Coordination Constituency group at the New Jersey Association for Community Providers (NJACP).