We believe Elizabeth Onsongo deserves to be honored as a NJACP DSP Hero. Elizabeth has been with Alternatives for over 9 years, but has been in the field for 13 years. Elizabeth came to us from another agency when clients moved from this agency to Alternatives. Elizabeth was very dedicated to remaining with the four women and ensuring they received the care they needed as they transitioned to Alternatives. Nine years later, she is still working in the same home, with the same 4 women. That is what we call dedication and commitment; what we look for in an amazing DSP. Her years of service are very much appreciated by the clients, staff, and guardians. Elizabeth is an outstanding DSP who always puts the clients’ needs first. She truly treats her clients like family and can be seen at the Group Home cooking, playing games, or just hanging out in the home-like atmosphere she has contributed to creating. She does whatever it takes to get the job done. Elizabeth does not care about the condition of any weather, or barriers to getting to work with her clients. She has come in ahead of storms to be sure coverage is on hand and is always willing to stay if a storm or bad weather comes and the next shift can’t arrive. During COVID, when all of the women were home, Elizabeth worked to ensure their needs were met and did everything to keep the clients safe at all times. Elizabeth approached her Supervisor during COVID when many staff were calling out, or unable to work and stated she was willing to work at any time to take care of her clients. Elizabeth is hardworking, dedicated, committed, loving, humble, and trustworthy. Her great spirit and her willingness to always go above and beyond make her a Hero at Alternatives. We truly appreciate her and are honored to recognize her as a NJACP Hero!