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Transitional Housing 

Alternatives, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness, through two Transitional Housing Programs. The Franklin House Program offers temporary apartment-based housing to homeless mothers and their children, with an emphasis on building self-sufficiency and parenting skills. The Transitional Housing program which serves individuals, also provides temporary apartment-based housing, with services focused on building life skills, self-sufficiency and enhancing mental health and wellness.


The goal is to help these individuals and families stabilize following  their period of homelessness , and assist in locating permanent housing upon graduation. These programs provide up to 12 months of residence as well as on-site Case Management. Alternatives’ staff use a person-centered approach to help all clients develop individualized goals and services with a focus on wellness and recovery.  Services are flexible and can be enhanced as needed or requested.

“Five years ago I thought I was going to be homeless and Alternatives came through for me. I had no place to go and they came to my rescue." – Bob

Alternatives Stands Apart from Other Providers

  • The Agency has more than 2 decades of experience providing Transitional Housing services.

  • Services are flexible and are enhanced as needed if a client is in need of increased assistance.

  • The Franklin House Program for homeless mothers and children is staffed 24/7 to serve the needs of the families.

  • Services include: assistance with skill building, money management, linkage to community resources, enhancing parenting skills, housing support services, vocational services, medical and mental health providers, etc.

  • Staff receive continuing education and training in the field of mental health and addiction services.

  • Clinical/Manager level professionals are on-call 24/7 with a second tier of Director level professionals ready to assist individuals.