At the young age of 22, Kevin moved from his parents’ home into the group home to start a new life. Despite many challenges in the beginning, he began to thrive and grow in his new environment. It took time to help him learn his new routine, to adapt to living with roommates, and to adjust to having many different staff around him every day. With his vision slowly diminishing, and with limited verbal ability to express his wants and needs, he eagerly, in his own way, began to form relationships and bonds with the people around him. He loves to sing and dance, he volunteers at a food pantry and thrift store while at day program, is active in the equestrian club, and the local YMCA. When the agency was actively holding in-person events, he was involved in the agency choir “Uncommon Notes” and was always the shining star – right in the front seat. In the summer he attends overnight camp and throughout the year has weekend visits, holiday visits, and summer trips with his loving family.